System/Equipment Requirements

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Conference Capabilities

ALL desktop devices must have video conferencing capabilities (i.e. Microphone and Camera).

Google Chrome

Talonview sessions work best when launched using Google Chrome.

Up To Date

Windows computers must run Windows 7 or newer.  

IP Address Whitelisting

Unless the Talonview IP has been whitelisted by your company’s IT department, Talonview collaboration should take place outside of your company’s network/firewall.

Internet Connection

Users must have a robust enough internet connection to support video conferencing.

Desktop System Requirements

Phone System Requirements

Streaming Capabilities

ALL devices must have video streaming capabilities. Upload and download speeds of 4Mbps are recommended for live session capabilities.


Android device software must be version 4.4 or newer. iOS devices must be version 9.0 or newer.


ALL devices must have the Talonview app downloaded, with granted permission to access the Microphone, Camera, Storage, and Location.

Location, Location, Location

Location services must be turned on in the device. This will allow Talonview to geo-locate each photo and video.

The Essentials

A noise-canceling Bluetooth headset with a microphone and a backup battery/charger are recommended for live collaboration.

Camera Setting

The native camera in your device should be set to record video at 720p. Videos recorded are smaller files thus making it quicker to upload t the system.

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